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1530 1500w Laser Plasma Integrated Machine

1530 1500w Laser Plasma Integrated Machine

Combining the advantages of laser and plasma cutting technologies, the SUNNA 1530 1500w Laser Plasma Integrated Machine increases productivity, reduces production time, handles a wide range of materials and thicknesses, and can be used for a variety of applications in different industries. For customers who have a small budget but need to cut thick plates with high precision and low cost, SUNNA 1530 1500w Laser Plasma Integrated Machine is your best choice! If you have a small budget but are looking for a high precision laser cutting machine that can cut thick plates at low cost, try SUNNA!

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Product Description

Aiming at the various problems of traditional cutting methods in dealing with stainless steel sheet metal materials, the appearance of SUNNA 1530 1500w Laser Plasma Integrated Machine brings a brand-new solution for users. It integrates laser and plasma cutting technologies in one machine, so it can be flexibly switched between laser and plasma cutting modes according to the actual needs, making the cutting of structures and materials more precise and efficient. In addition to these convenient cutting modes, the 1530 1500w laser plasma integrated machine also has better optical quality and stability, which can adapt to the cutting needs of different materials and thicknesses, thus bringing higher productivity to users.

In addition, this cutting machine also has the advantages of easy maintenance and small footprint. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, the 1530 1500w Laser Plasma Integrated Machine has a much lower maintenance cost, because the parts that needed to be maintained before can now be maintained by an integrated machine, which greatly reduces the staff's manpower cost. In addition, the smaller footprint of the machine saves valuable shop floor space and provides greater flexibility in production scheduling.

Product description of 1530 Laser and Plasma Integrated Metal Plate Cutting Machine 1500w

-Factory research and development of new models

-Meeting the needs of customers for high-precision cutting sheets and low-cost cutting thick plates

-Two independent cutting heads:a laser head and a plasma cutting torch

-Affordable, good quality and low price

Product parameters of 1530 Laser and Plasma Integrated Metal Plate Cutting Machine 1500w

Name Paramerers
Machine model EOE1530
Laser Source Max 1500w
plasma power 120A
Water cooler Power 1kw
flame cutting 1
Software EOE-HZH
Guide EOE
Rack EOE
Servo Motor EOE750W
Reducer EOE
Minimum cutting width 0.08-0.1mm
LaserMaximum cutting thickness 8mm Carbon steel
4mm stainless steel
plasmaMaximum cutting thickness 25 mmCarbon steel
Maximum moving speed 60m/min
Electricity requirements 380/50,60v/hz
Graphic Format Supported PRO/E.UG, Solidworks
Acceleration 0.5G
Total power 11kw
Presser of N2/O2/AIR 15-20/6-8/15-30bar
Total Weight 2t
Work per day 16h
Lay out 3.9*2.3*1.6m
Oil Box Auto Oil Injection System
Delivery Time 20Working days

1530 Laser and Plasma Integrated Metal Plate Cutting Machine 1500wmain parts

EOE-HZH Control

EOE-HZH software is a three-dimensional cutting software, you can directly read UG, SolidWorks software export IGS format files, automatically extract the section to be cut and the track to be cut, without manual editing and selection.

Fast and convenient automatic leveling and center correction function eliminates the cumbersome manual operation, improve the accuracy of cutting; automatically according to the size of the pipe to calculate the pipe rotation and single-sided cutting head when the lifting height, to avoid cutting the process of collision.

But also greatly reduces the single-sided cutting when the unnecessary lift, save time.

Water Chiller

When laser head cut metals, there will produce some hot energy in laser head and laser device. Water chiller is for cooling this two parts. Laser head part, mainly cooling the mirrors.

Temperature in the water chiller is auto adjustment, mainly set up with 25 degree around.

Water in chiller should be pure water.(one week change one time)

Filter (3 month change one time)

Max 1500w laser source

Max laser has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency (>30%), higher and more stable optical quality, stronger altitude stress-resisting capacity and it applies optimized second-generation fiber transmission system to ensure more stable and more sophisticated cutting effect in thick sheet cutting. This machine applies to many application scenarios: cutting, welding, holing, medical device processing, etc., with a narrow seam of the cut sheet and bright section. Compared with same lasers, it has obvious advantages.

■ High electro-optical conversion efficiency

■ Altitude stress-resisting capacity

■ Sheet cutting efficiency

■ Customized output fiber length

■ Maintenance-free operation

■ Wide modulation frequency range

Raytools BT210S-Laser Cutting head

The upgraded version of BT210S series in dust-proof design and customer experience are made a comprehensive optimization. As we all know, collimation lens is very likely to be contaminated when inserting or removing optical fibers,so the BT210S series are avoided this risk by adding an top protective window to the collimation assembly. At the same time, the bottom protective window structure is also fully upgraded, we add a dust cover on it. Double protection design enhance the user experience in the replacement of protective window greatly, and the lens contamination risk is almost zero.


Optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient airflow design;

Comprehensive upgrade of the dust-proof design, Double protection, the risk of contamination of the lens is almost zero;

The laser head body is increased anti-collision function;

Turntable focus adjustment and can be manually corrected, fine and flexible adjustment, adjustable range is 20mm,accuracy is 0.05mm;

With a variety of optical interfaces, can be adapted with a variety of fiber lasers;

Collimation lens, focusing lens and nozzle are all have cooling structures;

Processing cost of 1530 Laser and Plasma Integrated Metal Plate Cutting Machine 1500w

Electrical power cost

Equipment components Power  consumption (KW) Total
Laser source 1.5 8KW/H
Machine bed 5
Water chiller system +Exhaust fan 1.5

Auxiliary gas cost

Gas type Air cost Life time Total consume Cutting effect Note
Oxygen $2 /Bottle 80 minutes 2.5 $/H Black edge Take 1mm carbon steel as example
Nitrogen $4/Bottle 40 minutes 2.6$/H White edge Take 1mm stainless steel as example

Note: The number above is Chinese cost. Just for your reference. By the way, if you use nitrogen a lot, you can consider it in can. So it just cost quarter of the total. Also, you could save the time to change bottles

Spare parts price list

name Life time (hour) Unit price Note
Protect lens >=600 USD 25 If the working area is better, the machine life time will be longer
Copper nozzle >=1000 USD 20
Focus lens >=6000 USD 550

Lay out : 3.95*2.3*1.6m

Machine loading in 1 20GP

Package and Delivery of 1530 Laser and Plasma Integrated Metal Plate Cutting Machine 1500w

SUNNA INTL has been cooperating with several big transport agents and shipping companies for long terms, and all machines are packed with standard plywood case for export, it can be transported to you safety as soon as possible.

After-sale Service 1530 Laser and Plasma Integrated Metal Plate Cutting Machine 1500w

Warranty: 1 years for the whole machine, laser device 12 months, chiller, Laser head, 12 months, lens/mirror/nozzle without warranty.

Certificate support: CE, FDA, SGS

After Sale service: Manuals and CD along with machine, After sale department with English speakers support customer 24 hours every day.

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