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Product Application

CNC Machine Products are widely used in the following industry, such as Electronic and semiconductor, Mechanical hardware, Packaging industry, Auto industry, sheet metal, woodworking industry.

Electronic and semiconductor

The laser system can read the information to be inscribed directly from a database, mark it on the component and check it for quality and content through CCD camera system. With the use of the visual position system, the position and orientation can be detected, the caption can be automatically adjusted, and the content and quality can be checked. It improved high quality assurance as well as high production efficiency.

Mechanical hardware

In the area of the production of hardware materials, these can be engraved from the start with, for example, serial numbers or 2D code in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. This guarantees an always complete quality assurance and clear identification.

Packaging industry

With the continuous development of laser coding technology, the domestic pharmaceutical industry's product batch number and production date for its product kits, board charges, medicine bottles, medicine bags, capsules and labels.

Auto industry

The requirements for the marking of the products can´t be more varied. Starting with the well-known day / night design mark by removing paint on switches, buttons and controls, so that the base material to be backlit becomes visible, for direct inscription of individual nameplates, up to black and white marking on metals.

Industrial Manufacturing

Laser cutting is a sheet metal processing that laser beam radars on the processing material. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. The laser beam can be divided into solid state and un-solid state

 Woodworking industry

CNC router is commonly used for woodworking plans, including wood arts, wood crafts, decorations, and furniture making, review the 2D/3D woodworking projects to get ideas of buying an affordable wood CNC machine.

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