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Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine
  • Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking MachineDesktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine
  • Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking MachineDesktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine
  • Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking MachineDesktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine
  • Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking MachineDesktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine
  • Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking MachineDesktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine

Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine

Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine using metal radio frequency tube, long service life. Applicable objects are mainly non-metallic materials, such as wood, cloth leather, acrylic, plastic, etc.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction 

The life of SUNNA Desktop SO2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine can reach more than 45,000 hours, generally can be used for 6 years, inflatable reusable, no need to replace; The RF pipe of CO2 marking machine is air-cooled, which can ensure the long-term trouble-free stable operation. The spot of the RF tube of the CO2 laser marking machine is 0.07mm, with a fine spot, high precision, and a small thermal diffusion area, which can be processed fine. CO2 laser marking machines can carve a variety of non-metallic materials. It is often used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplate, craft gifts, electronic components, leather cloth, bamboo and wood products, label paper, and other industries.

Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine three-axis dynamic system offers a larger working range and automatically marks the different height surfaces of workpieces at a time.By importing pre-designed 3D models and setting certain necessary parameters precisely controlled 3D engraving can be realized.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) 

Model SN-F
Marking Area 110*110mm/150*150mm/175*175mm/200*200mm/300*300mm
Laser Power 30W/55W/60W/100W/200W/300W
Worktable Fixed high quality aluminum worktable
Wave Length 10.6µm
Fiber Cable Length 3M
Repetition Frequency Range 20-100KHZ
Response time 0.5ms
Engraving lines 1-10 lines(in the engraving area)
Output Beam Diameter ±0.5mm
Power Range 0-100%
Laser Module Life >20000 hours
Engraving Depth Adjustable according to materials
Marking Format Graphics, text, bar codes, QRcode, automatically date, batch number, serial number, etc.
Graphic format supported Ai, plt, ;dxf, dst, svg, nc, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tga, png, tiff, tif
Computer System WINDOWS XP/Win7/8/10 32/64bits
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Minimum Linear Width 0.1mm
Cooling way Air Cooling/Water Cooling
Maxi Marking Speed 8000mm/s
Data Transfer: USB2.0 transmission
Control System EZCAD Offline Controller
Compatible Software CorelDraw, AutoCAD,Adobe Illustrator,Cadian
Total Power 500W
Power Supply 220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ
Package Weight/dimension 200KG/90*78*115cm
Option Accessories Rotary/F-theta scan lens/Laser protection glasses/Smoke purify system

3. Product Feature and Application 

Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine is a gas laser with CO2 as laser medium and wavelength near 10.6um. When high voltage is added to electrodes, discharging through the cavity will excite CO2 molecules and produce 10.6um laser radiation. The laser can be directed to process materials.

1. Processing on the non-metal material and surface treated by metallic materials.

2. Laser is processed in the non-mechanical tool, no mechanical extrusion and stress for the material, no tool wear, toxic and pollution.

3. Easy to operate.

4. Computer numerical control technology enables automated processing.

5. As a part of the flexible manufacturing system, it could high speed and efficiency machine for the accessories in the production line.

6. High precision machining: Precise positioning workbench to work.

7. High anti-falsification.

8. Low cost: Although one-time investment is higher, through continuous, a large number of processing can make each part cost is extremely low, thus create high benefit.


Desktop Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Marking Machine is used for engraving leather, fabric, textile, jeans, wood, MDF, plywood, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, and glass. It is widely applied in mobile buttons, plastic translucent keys, electonic component, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tools, accessories, and other industries.

4.Product Details

1. The machine takes CO2 laser tube as the laser source. By 2D fast-speed scanning mirrors swinging as the scheduled angles under the controlling of the computer, the laser focus on the surface of the work piece by F-θ lens to form images and realize marking and graph processing.

2. Using metal CO2 laser tube, with exquisite beam quality, stable power output, high marking precision, long working life time, and can work for 20,000 hours free of maintenance, then can be recharged by filling CO2 gas, suitable for users requiring batch production and high marking precision. Once invested, whole-life benefited.

3. Using fast-speed scanning mirrors, it can be the graph in shortest time finish fine marking process.

4. Using the simple structure, abrasion and rusty against component, the system have the most stable performance and moving precision.

5. It can configure automatic configuration fixture, baiting production line.

6. It can mark data, serial number & bar code automatically.

7. Marking clearly and not easy to wear.

8. Use the computer control, user friendly interface, easy operation.

9. Accept customizing.

10. The extensive equipment performance, competitive of working continuously for 24-hour made it meet the demand of massive on-line and off-line industrialized production.

After Sales Service:

1.All of laser marking machine will be fully-checked by our quality control department before the shipment.We guarantee all of our laser marking machines have a two -years warranty.

2.Training details: operation principles, system and structure, safety and maintenance, software the processing technique, and so on.

3. Numerous feedback from our clients have proven that our laser machines are stable in performance with rare malfunction. However, we would like to handle it as follows function occurs:

a.We guarantee that we will give you a clear reply within 24 hours.

b. Customer service staff will assist and guide you to analyze the malfunction in order to locate the cause.

c. If the malfunction is caused by improper operation on software and other soft faults, we will help solve the problem on line.

d.We will offer plenty of online supports, just like detailed technical and installation instructions by email,video, telephone. (Training by team viewer)

4.Maintain Fiber Laser Marking Machine

In addition to the need for stable voltage, regular cleaning of the focus lens,and it does not require any maintenance.

SUNNA focuses on the Laser Machine, CNC Router machine's research and development-design-program customization-sales-service, to provide you with efficient and convenient solutions.

We sincerely invite global agents to join us.

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