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Does the Cnc router easy to operate?


CNC router of the three operating rules, the following editor to take you to understand.
First, the operator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine tool, master the operation procedures, and strictly follow the codes and operation and maintenance procedures.
Second, non-designated personnel shall not use equipment casually, and indoor fire prevention measures shall be provided.
3. The following work should be done before starting the foam engraving machine:
1) always keep the table drag plate, ball screw and guide rail clean, do not let dust enter, so as not to affect the motion accuracy.
2) if the roller has wire shaking or vibration during commutation, it should be stopped immediately, check whether the relevant parts are loose, and adjust in time.
3) kerosene should be injected into the guide wheel bearing 1-2 times a week to maintain cleanliness and service life.
4) pay special attention to the careful maintenance of the console device and keep it clean.
5) the operator shall not tamper with the electrical components and console devices. If problems are found, the machine shall be stopped immediately and the maintenance personnel shall be notified for overhaul.
6) cut off the power supply at the end of the work or after work, wipe the machine tool and all the controlled devices, keep it tidy, cover all the computers with a cover, clean the work site (to avoid dust), especially clean the sliding surface of the machine tool guideway, and oil the shift and operation records carefully.