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Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine
  • Rotary Axis CNC Router MachineRotary Axis CNC Router Machine
  • Rotary Axis CNC Router MachineRotary Axis CNC Router Machine
  • Rotary Axis CNC Router MachineRotary Axis CNC Router Machine
  • Rotary Axis CNC Router MachineRotary Axis CNC Router Machine

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine

Low Price Quality Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine In Stock. SUNNA is a Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine manufacturer and supplier in China. The structure of the rotary axis CNC router adopts welded and thickened large steel pipe, which is sturdy and durable. Imported guide rail and rack, reliable precision, automatic lubrication system to ensure smooth operation. The specially designed Z-axis structure and high-power X and Z-axis drive motors effectively improve the engraving accuracy. In addition, the rotary axis CNC router can increase the processing speed by more than 2 times. All the stops of the rotary axis CNC router are used by OMRON original products to improve the return accuracy. The high-performance stepless speed regulation inverter has protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, and overheating. 4-axis CNC machining adopts three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm to ensure the speed and accuracy of curve operation.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

Side rotation axis, you can engrave flat materials such as doors, panels, icons, sheets, etc. (3D professional), as well as engraving cylindrical objects such as columns, railings, table and chair legs, and other cylindrical models (4D machining)

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine is the other type of 4 axis CNC router. Except for carving,cutting, drilling, pocketing, routing, and other functions that a 3 axis router machine can achieve, it is also good at making cylindrical parts. For example, wood table and chair legs, wood handrails, wood or plaster building columns, 3D statues of wood, rubber, foam, etc.

Besides, the general operating speed is up to 24,000 RPM, and the tool spindle can move quickly along the X and Y axis. It means materials are processed at an exceptionally high rate. These factors make cnc router cost-effective after the initial investment. The cutting tool is usually made of Carbon Steel, High-Speed Steel (HSS) or Solid Carbide. This ensures that very dense materials can be machined. Adjustable tool-height allows thick materials to be cut without requiring higher power, unlike a laser cutting machine which is limited by the useful length of the focused laser prior to it diverging and weakening.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Model SN-KL
Working Area 1300*2500*200mm(Table size 4x8 feet)
Table structure T-slot table(Vacuum Working Table for Option)
Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Frame Welded Structure
Transmission Device X, Y axis: Precision helical tooth gear transmission; Z axis by ball screw
Taiwan 20 linear guide
Travel speed 0-25000mm/min
Working speed 0-18000mm/min
Control system NC-stduio
Spindle power Double 3.2KW water cooled spindles (Italy HSD Spindle for Option)
Spindle speed 0-24000rpm
Diameter of cutter φ3.175-φ12.7mm
Command code HPGL G-code
Working voltage AC220V/380V
Device interface Standard PCI/USB interface optional
CNC Router Software Type3/Ucancam/Artcam
Resolution 0.1mm
Machine size(W*D*H) 3200*1900*1900mm
Warranty 12 months
Weight 1300kg

3. Product Feature and Application

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine comes with 3.2kw water or 3.5kw air cooled high frequency spindle. This precision spindle requires no maintenance, uses industry standard ER collects. Fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 24000RPM.

High accuracy Taiwan linear guide, high accuracy helical gear rack transmitting,more stability, higher precision.

Has power off restoration, continue processing at break point, auto tool height adjusting device, repeat processing, support 9 coordinates setting, user-friendly design.

Be compatible with many CAD/CAM software like Type3/ Artcam/Casmate/Proe/UG/Artgrave etc.

Independent control cabinet, stronger power, and weak power separate, maintenance easily.


The advertising industry

CNC Router Wood Cutting Machine can engrave all kinds of signage,trademark,nameplates,badge,decorative gift,embossed medal,certificate, souvenir,photo frame,furniture decoration.

Small-scale woodworking industry

Cnc router can be used for solid wood furniture,mahogany furniture,MDF paint door, solid wood door,composite door,cupboard door and window,bedside cabinet,folding screen etc.

Artwork industry

Cnc router can process wooden craft,mural art of wood,artwork.embossed,jewelery,cosmetics package,musical instrument.

Soft metal processing:

Cnc router can process aluminum front panel,pop can,aluminum honeycomb panel,train car and aircraft interior decoration,bronze medal,copper mold.

Electronics industry:

Cnc router can engrave electronic component,integrated circuit,electronic plastic case,electronic product model,circuit board,electronic Light box,computer and mobile phone keyboard,engraving a variety of electronic products.

Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine

4. SUNNA INTL Service:

The guarantee period of quality shall be 12 months counting from the date on which the commodity arrives at the port of destination.

We are responsible for offering the fittings free of charge during the guarantee period, while it is preferred you send the damaged fittings to us by courier with your charge for our testing, after confirming damage, we will send back the alternative fittings to you. After the guarantee of quality period, the parts required repairing or change, if any, shall be paid.

When you meet some complicated problem and online-support can not solve it, we can offer Door-Visiting Service. If our engineer to assemble or/and maintain or/and adjust the machine is/are required, we shall assist to deal with the visa formality and prepaid traveling expenses and accommodation to us during the business trip and the service period before their dispatch. And you can arrange for the translating person for the service engineer during their service period. Or you can send your engineer to China. We will offer long-term technical training to him for free.

5. Training, Commissioning & Start up of SUNNA CNC Router

We will supply with the machine Operation Manual and Training CD in English version for Installing and operation, including introduction for the composing of equipment, working principle equipment, common knowledge of computer, controlling principle of electronic devices, daily maintenance measures of eqipment.Personal demonstration for installation, adjusting and operation of equipment, and the computer. Common malfunction eliminating measures, etc.

We will supply Instruction for simple troubleshooting of the machine when dispatching, which can help you dealing with the common problems happened unluckily. Also, one set of “Instruction Book”, “Operation Manual” and “Training Video Disk” for machine/software will be sent to you along with the machine,which could be easily understood and friendly handled by you and your customers.

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 2 years.

2. Provide technical support by phone, email, whatsapp and skype. If you have any questions, we will help you within 12 hours.

3. You will get free training advice in our factory.

4. If you need any component of the machine, we will offer you the most affordable price.

5. The minimum order quantity is 1 set.

6. Global investment promotion.

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